Key credentials

I formed Management Communication in 1997, based on my passion and belief that every person has greatness inside them.

I have been privileged to work with C-suite executives, leaders and their teams in International organisations around the world. I work with a global network of leadership experts and partners, all of whom have extensive international experience in the coaching, consulting, and training field to address your needs and challenges.

My Key beliefs:

  • Everyone is a leader and is capable of achieving breakthrough results to make valuable contributions. Understanding your purpose in life is the key to exceptional leadership and a well balanced life.

  • When leaders begin with themselves (walk the talk and act with integrity) and choose to realize their own potential, they are then in a position to focus on their people using their emotional and socials skills to unleash the full talent of their teams, and lead them to achieve world class performance.

Why a lighthouse as logo?

  • The rock of the lighthouse is your mindset and your foundation, driving your behaviour.
  • The tower of the lighthouse symbolizes the strength of your character and who you choose to be, based on your values and orientation.
  • The rays of light illustrate how you interact and communicate with others, and signify how trustworthy you are.
  • The sea symbolizes the constant changing environment in which we live.

At a glance

  • proven track record with over 25 years experience in leadership development and coaching
  • experienced in working with C-suite executives as well as all levels of management
  • broad experience in working internationally and with various cultures
  • supports multi-national organisations to roll out major strategic initiatives and enable them to achieve transformation change
  • creates and delivers leadership programmes for the humanitarian world
  • over 20 years experience and acumen in global business development

Michele Cueni holds a Degree in Strategic Administrative Management, is certified by the Behavioural Coaching Institute, and is a member of the International Coaching Council.

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