Reason for forming Management Communication GmbH in 1997

A passion for helping people to lead and develop themselves to their full potential, and impact people’s lives.


2017 - ongoing

Trainers on Demand

‘Trainers on Demand’ concept introduced.

2016 - ongoing

Sailing and experiential leadership courses

Sailing and experiential leadership courses introduced.

2009 - ongoing

Leadership for Humanitarians

Leadership for Humanitarians’. As a result of the natural disaster in Haiti in 2009 the UN approached me to create a Leadership programme to allow their leaders to coordinate effectively in future disasters. I have since trained and consulted many major NGO’s and divisions of the UN in various regions around the world.


2004 - ongoing

Leadership Wisdom Partnership

Developed Partnership with Leadership Wisdom (and horses) to discover true leadership potential using the intelligence of nature.

1998 - ongoing

FranklinCovey Europe Partnership

Partner and Freelance consultant for FranklinCovey Europe to develop the Swiss market. As Managing Director for Switzerland and Director of Leadership Development and Consulting for Germany, Switzerland and Austria I have had the privilege of training and coaching 1000’s of Senior Executives and their teams around the world in natural leadership principles, enabling transformation.


Founding Management Communication GmbH

First International assignment: Trained the Leadership team of SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries) in the Middle East

Whilst President of the Zug Women’s Business Forum various engagements emerged with other global companies, to train individuals, and teams in personal and organisational leadership, change management and speak at events.


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