Team Facilitation, Training & experiential learning

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

Your benefits:

  • Execute your team goals and objectives
  • Achieve sustainable high performance
  • Be a world class team
  • Benefit from diversity
  • Deepen respect for each other
  • Have fun

We facilitate your team meetings, and train new mind sets, behaviours and skills to support you in your leadership journey, e.g.

Clarify your team mission, vision, values, and team purpose

  • Coaching for high performance
  • Moderation of your team events
  • Navigating conflict
  • Team building
  • Assessments

Experiential learning

(the process of learning through reflection on doing)


Step aboard with your team and 'hoist your sails'. Experience how team functioning is critical to performance aboard a yacht, and understand how this can be applied to your own team and organisation.

Team Facilitation, Training and experimental learning

Use this unique experience to navigate the waters ahead for your team, set your sails accordingly and head for new horizons. Learn how to create strong leadership and outstanding team work in order to cope best with prevailing winds and strong currents in the future economy and markets.

Sailing as a team provides an excellent opportunity to bring your team together in a different and sometimes very challenging environment, but with many comparisons to a realistic organisational environment.


If you would like to have the opportunity to work with horses, as a way of gaining new insights on the topics of non-verbal communication, respect, trust and leadership, then please refer to for more information. Marina Parris and I work together to conduct equine-facilitated workshops.

Team Building and Facilitation - Training with horces

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