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Sian Thomas

Global Creative Product Director - Triumph Sloggi

Michele is everything I hoped for and more in a coach. Incredibly perceptive , sensitive and truly inspirational. An expert in constructing simple and effective patterns of approach to various business challenges that are easily personalised and executionable. Although I will dearly miss my sessions with Michele I have finished my coaching course not only understanding and acknowledging myself much better but also how to navigate my ambitions and style of approach to deliver the business targets I am continually working towards.


Ghazi H. Al-Hajjar

President SABIC

Michele showed professional competence throughout the training, and was able to successfully motivate, encourage and guide the participants. She showed respect and understanding for our cultures and traditions, which we all appreciated. It was a real pleasure for us to work together with Michele, and I would be more than happy to recommend her expertise to other global companies, both within the western world and the Middle East.


Elizabeth Wuetrich

Stiftung Annapurna

Die Gespräche (Coaching) mit Michele eröffnen mir neue Möglichkeiten für meine Arbeit im Sozialprojekt.
Michele gibt mir konkrete Anleitungen und Orientierung zur Lösung von Problemen. Sie schult meine Wahrnehmung. Dadurch wird mir klar welche Dinge wichtig sind und welche Dinge dringend sind und ich kann wählen.
Ich habe den Mut voranzuschreiten, ich experimentiere, ich handle Pro-aktiv.
Viel Belastung geht dadurch weg.
Freude zeigt sich in mir weil ich mich durch Michele‘s Führung weiter entwickle und dadurch viel Veränderung im Team bewirken kann. [...]


Alexandra Altmann

Former Managing Director of the FranklinCovey Leadership Institut GmbH

I worked with Michele for over 10 years and she clearly is the best trainer and facilitator I ever have encountered – for many reasons: She is brilliant in truly understanding a client’s business needs and converting them into an impactful leadership program just right for the audience. Leaders of all levels, backgrounds and functions gave her workshops outstanding feedback and walked away from them with a clear plan and drive to improve their leadership habits. Michele is an expert in both designing and delivering highly inspiring, engaging and energizing programs for all sorts of groups, from Top-Management Teams to first time leaders. With her extraordinary integrity, professionalism and warmth, she has been a fantastic partner to work with!


Karsten Bugmann

Head HR Management, Paul  Scherrer Institut

Michele is simply a great facilitator for any kind of development process or workshop!

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We always receive excellent feedback.

“I’ve attended many seminars over the years – Michele was the best I have had the pleasure of participating with.”

“Michele was wonderful. I already look forward to our next session. Facilitated open, lively discussions.”

„An excellent consultant and trainer. Her insights and guidance led me to change the way I ran my company – I am now excited and passionate about the future.”

Your passion is inspiring! Your energy is infectious”!

“You are a great inspirational leader – I enjoyed every minute of the training”.

“It is not easy to find such experience and an inspiring mentor”

“Excellent. Faultless, Superb method of teaching”. 'The feedback from our participants is always excellent'

'Superb method of teaching'

'Very clear and open to follow - lots of open discussions',

"Impressive and inspiring"

  • IHTC (International Hotel and Tourism College)

Michele has the ability to be aware of what was discussed (past) and link the upcoming (present) for the future. For me as a client, I experience the coaching as very fruitful and sustainable for practice.

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Various UN organisations (UNHCR, UNIDO, HMN, CTBTO, WHO) Humanitarian and United Nations
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Local NGO’s in Africa Humanitarian and United Nations
Leadership for Humanitarians Humanitarian and United Nations
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